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Video Conferencing System for Meeting Room

Video Conferencing for Conference Room

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Video Conferencing System for Discussion Room

Video Conferencing System for Meeting Room

Video Conferencing for Conference Room

About us

       Established in 1999 as Visi Dinamik  Enterprise, Our core business includes expertise in professional AV Network, AV Integration, Smart Classroom, Pro-Sound, Video-Conferencing System, Telecommunications System, and IP Surveillance

     We have grown substantially and established itself as a reliable system integrator. Our goal to be fully committed to project implementations, in building customers’ confidence, trust and satisfaction 

      And, with the formation of Visi Dinamik Engineering Sdn Bhd in 2011, the company is set to move in the right direction not only as a system integrator but as a civil construction company.

As for future commitments, VISIDinamik not only aims to remain relevant to industry needs but to further diversify and expand its services throughout the nation. In order to realise this dream VISIDinamik will continue to innovate, stay competitive and provide vital after-sales services. 


We always committed to be a competitive solution provider and system integrator in the industries. We seek to continually remain relevant in the market and to provide you with the highest quality of products and services.


Value to our  customers is vital. We built on the premise of becoming a dynamic partner to our clients, we focussed on providing systems and solutions that were not only cost effective, but also flexible in nature, catering to both their present and future needs.  

Analogue Cables

High resolution (HR) and low resolution VGA cable with audio and RGBHV cable

Digital Cables

HDMI cable up to 4K for pro series and HDMI Fiber cable for mid-range application

Bundle Cable

All type of cables, VGA, RG Coaxial, UTP/STP CAT5e /6/ 7, RS232 / RS422 comms cable

Audio Cable

Microphone, line-signal, speaker cables. Patch cables or interconnects and more

Audio Connector

Types of audio connectors, Choose crimp, solder and screw type in high & low range price


Deliver the presentation across to projection display with high right resolution

TV Bracket & Stand

Suitable for mobile and fix installation. Variety in size and technical specification

Mounting Bracket

Simple solution for ceiling mount projection installation. Available in factory made & custom made

Projection Lift

Custom made projection motorised lift for large venue, lecture hall and auditorium

Audio Visual Products

Multimedia Projector

Wide range of multimedia projection system suites for small & large venue

Projection Screen

Portable series and installation series for teaching and learning, meeting room & large halls

Consumer / Pro TV

Cater for consumer and commercial users. Small meeting to large board room

Wireless Presenter

Get presentation and message across through wireless presentation devices

Document Camera

Ideal for classroom. labs and discussion rooms. Brings out the detail for discussion

Portable PA system

Easy setup and use portable PA for classroom, indoor & outdoor or emergency purpose

Meeting Room & Board Room Solution

Audio Conference

Wired or wireless audio conference solution for parliament or meeting room

Audio Solution

Wide range of sound system for classroom, labs, lecture hall and large venue

Wireless Presenter

Get presentation and message across through wireless presentation devices

Meeting Space

1080p & 4K interfaces and collaboration solution for huddles & meeting room

Video Conference

Wide range video conferencing solution for most meeting and board rooms

Display Solution

Solution for high brightness projector, video wall, screens and interactive tv.

Security Solution

Enterprise CCTV

Integrated surveillance platform designed specifically for digital surveillance applications.

Door Access

Wide range video conferencing solution for most meeting and board rooms

Gate Access System

Mid Rang & Long Range Gate access solution with surveillance system. Time Attendance solutions

RecoMedia Wireless Presenter

Wireless Presentation Presenter
Cable Free Solution - 2016 ITEX Gold Medal

Recomedia – Get your ideas across

A presentation is a powerful tool for communicating your message to others. The possibilities are limitless in terms of how you can inform and inspire your audience. But how effective your presentation is lies in its delivery

Content projection issues

We You've done your research. Put together relevant facts and figures. Prepared beautiful slides.

But now your audience can't benefit from any of that because you can't get the files in your computer to project onto the big screen in the same way that it appears on your device.

Challenges for collaboration

Often, there will be several presenters seeking to deliver their messages at the same event or venue.

A lot of precious time is often wasted configuring each and every one of the presenters' devices to the projector. This ends up with them having a significantly shorter delivery time and reduces the impact of their message.

Limitations for movement

Due to the need for a wired connection, you may often face constraints in terms of where you are able to place the device you are using for your presentation.

Consequently, this also limits now much you are able to move about the room and reduces the potential impact your presentation could have on your listeners

Lack of

Presenters sometimes need to rely on third parties to help them manage the audio-visual output that is required while they deliver their presentation.

This results in, for example, an inability to control how loud or how soft the volume is when a video is being played, or how fast or slow the transition should be between slides.

Simplify Equipment Setup

Meeting is no longer delayed by time needed to configure and troubleshoot in connecting projector and video system. Presenters are connected to video system wirelessly.

Switching Presenters Easily

Multi-party meeting is no longer passing cable to other presenter. RecoMedia allows the next presenter to go live with a click of button.

Make Presentation With Mobile Devices

RecoMedia allows presenters to make presentation directly from smart devices such as tablet and mobile phone.

Live view

RecoMedia captures your presentation content live as you project it. Through the use of its Web Viewer function, members of the audience can access your presentation slides on their personal devices as they listen to you.

Moderator Mode

In situations where there are multiple presenters, RecoMedia makes the job of a chairperson much easier by allowing an authorised user to take charge and coordinate which presenter’s content is to be projected onto the screen at any given time.

Document sharing

You can upload files of any format onto RecoMedia’s file server for greater ease of distribution of information during a presentation. This enables your audience to download these files through their own Web browser even as they are listening to you speak.

Tackling complex cases & seeing them through

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Commitment to help with difficult cases

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Elite team of experienced labor law attorneys

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Sunset valley project

The most existing housing project is on its way. Be the first to own this amazing property for pre-sale prices!

"Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value."


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About the project

If you’re a home owner looking to move on, we will come and carry out a free, no-obligation valuation on your property at your earliest convenience. If you choose to use us to market your property. 

If you’re looking for a home then pop in and see us or Contact Us. We market all our properties on the big property websites and our own site. We may have something new on our books that you could see first before we start our marketing. You don’t want to miss out on your perfect home!


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