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Wireless Presentation Presenter
Cable Free Solution - 2016 ITEX Gold Medal

Recomedia – Get your ideas across

A presentation is a powerful tool for communicating your message to others. The possibilities are limitless in terms of how you can inform and inspire your audience. But how effective your presentation is lies in its delivery

Content projection issues

We You've done your research. Put together relevant facts and figures. Prepared beautiful slides.

But now your audience can't benefit from any of that because you can't get the files in your computer to project onto the big screen in the same way that it appears on your device.

Challenges for collaboration

Often, there will be several presenters seeking to deliver their messages at the same event or venue.

A lot of precious time is often wasted configuring each and every one of the presenters' devices to the projector. This ends up with them having a significantly shorter delivery time and reduces the impact of their message.

Limitations for movement

Due to the need for a wired connection, you may often face constraints in terms of where you are able to place the device you are using for your presentation.

Consequently, this also limits now much you are able to move about the room and reduces the potential impact your presentation could have on your listeners

Lack of

Presenters sometimes need to rely on third parties to help them manage the audio-visual output that is required while they deliver their presentation.

This results in, for example, an inability to control how loud or how soft the volume is when a video is being played, or how fast or slow the transition should be between slides.

Simplify Equipment Setup

Meeting is no longer delayed by time needed to configure and troubleshoot in connecting projector and video system. Presenters are connected to video system wirelessly.

Switching Presenters Easily

Multi-party meeting is no longer passing cable to other presenter. RecoMedia allows the next presenter to go live with a click of button.

Make Presentation With Mobile Devices

RecoMedia allows presenters to make presentation directly from smart devices such as tablet and mobile phone.

Live view

RecoMedia captures your presentation content live as you project it. Through the use of its Web Viewer function, members of the audience can access your presentation slides on their personal devices as they listen to you.

Moderator Mode

In situations where there are multiple presenters, RecoMedia makes the job of a chairperson much easier by allowing an authorised user to take charge and coordinate which presenter’s content is to be projected onto the screen at any given time.

Document sharing

You can upload files of any format onto RecoMedia’s file server for greater ease of distribution of information during a presentation. This enables your audience to download these files through their own Web browser even as they are listening to you speak.


Wireless presenter system

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